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Guest Chef Thomas "Envy" Jamaican & Caribbean Night

Chef William “Doc” Parham opens his Kitchen up to Guest Chef Thomas “Envy” This Friday Night.

Frances Brown taught him the essentials. She raised him to be self efficient, there was no one else like his great-grandmother and if it weren't for her, Chef Thomas McCargo wouldn't be where he is today.

Living with his great-grandmother, from the age of three up until his acceptance to the University of North Carolina Agricultral and Techincal College, was involuntary and was not an easy transition for the Camden, New Jersey native, but what holds true is that a big part of who he is and who he has become stems from his childhood.

Grandma Frances taught Chef Thomas how to care for himself, do laundry, clean and primarily how to cook. His career began as a sous chef at Masso's restaraunt and catering in Glassboro, NJ. Prior to Masso's he took what he learned from grandma Frances and applied the knowledge to his old position, as a residential program instructor, and cooked for the autistic residence at Willow Glen Acadamy. The satification from his clients at the acadamy lit the flame for the desire to cook more. It wasn't just the cooking he fell in love with but the experience it brings.

In 2010, it wasn't his first time in the kitchen, but Masso's was a completely different environment that what he was used to because it wasn't just preparing food and cooking, but created the path that led to his passion to plating. Yes food smells good, but plating a dish is what satisfies the eyes before the belly.

Two years later in 2012, he was offered a position at Bennett College for Women, in Greensboro, NC, as a sous chef. This resulted in his permanent move to North Carolina that brought an abundance of opportunities and where he stands today with his self proclaimed business. He later became the Executive Chef at Bennett in 2016, proving with his experience and skill he that he was capable of leadership. He knew the ins and outs, and the dos and donts of the kitchen, a walk in the park.

Self efficient and self proclaimed chef, he earned his title and deserves to boast of his many accomplishments. What can he do, is more like what can't he do in the kitchen. His talent doesn't come from familiarity of what he is cooking, the passion that drives him to his triumph is in his bones. Give Chef Thomas something foriegn he will blow your mind. Also related to, cousin, celebrity Chef Aaron McCargo it is as though the skill runs through the family.

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$500 Cash Grand Prize Plus $250 Door Prizes
to Nov 30

$500 Cash Grand Prize Plus $250 Door Prizes

Hey Guys,

We are beyond thrilled to be hosting this insane contest. Be sure to get here early to avoid long lines as this is going to be the hottest event in Greensboro! Pictures will be taken of the contestants then uploaded to facebook because FACEBOOK is the judge. So tell your friends and be sure to stay tuned for lots more great events!

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